Philosophy behind the launch of several social networking sites relates the modern mode of communication. Today above 70% of mobile users remain online on Facebook and twitter for keeping the track of activities they are involved. Every other person excitingly waits for the likes and shares he receives on his profile. After the trend of hashtags on Twitter, the #hash tags are now common to see on Facebook. With this new trend the users are able to communicate their messages to a wider audience or target specific individuals. The advancement of online ads and campaigns have created more originality to hash tags and keyword rich posts.

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Social Media Optimization (SMO) brought a tremendous advancement in popularizing the trend of online advertising. The hash tags are now just being used by every other Netizen to express himself more precisely. The technicality behind the success of hash tags is their easy process of display on search engine results. For example the trending #tag #worldcup2015, #iccCricketWorldCup2015 combines all users sharing world cup experience and to interact on similar topics. Such skills have helped in managing the activities progressing on Facebook and twitter. In addition, #tags are benefiting users on other social media sites like Instagram, Pinterest, Linknedin and blogger.

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However, #tags are good to be included in a post. But, too much its use can make the user a spammer. Apart from the #tag post the other posts must be normal in order to maintain the relevance of the tag.

“Top social networking sites featuring hashtags are as Flickr, Instagram, Google Plus, KickStarter, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook

Social Media experts, credit the hashtag trend as the intellectual process of classifying post as per their category. Below listed are the specific use of hashtags in social media networking.

  • Promoting Event, Product or Service
  • Targeting specific audience like #Music, #Arts, #Culture, #Technology, #Sports, #Science and much more.
  • Mass publicity by making a #unique hashtag a big hit
  • Tagging professionals, celebrities, individuals and communities
  • Replying posts and shares by highlighting other users
  • Hashtags are also used for promoting discount offers available at eCommerce sites
  • Connecting same minded people together for sharing thoughts

Without hashtags the social media would lack in connectivity as it’s the interlinking tool that makes online communication hybrid. Before the trend of hashtags face changes with the growth of social networking sites, users can explore the fun of tweets, retweets and sharing posts with #tags.

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