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Pay Per Click

Make your every click worth

Pay Per Click (PPC): High potential marketing stratagem being calibrated via means of the internet marketing proves to be a growth multiplier with an upswing to the innovative means of the internet marketing. For your key market's arena, we unleash the powerful and cost effective SEO technique, which has been proven to be taking less time and results in higher ROI. There has been a guaranteed traffic boost with a remarkable attracting of the more visitors, to the website. One of the cost effective and with less time consumption in the SEO techniques, our experts take the complete responsibility of your advertising plethora, with an upbringing to your entire annual sales and the ROIs.


The ever changing markets have developed and given rise to the gateways of new opportunities to be unfolded and harnessed! We present designing & crafting the best and most appropriate PPC campaigns & solutions just right for your market! A well designed & crafted set of PPC strategies to meet the special ad hoc requirements & challenges of your markets is a mandate at today's time, for any business to flourish & prosper!

Why Rope Media?

Our market experts study & analyse your markets to carve out the sublime PPC strategies & practices to help you to tap on the right customers. The right set of approach makes you a hit among the end users by resulting in higher ROI, instant traffic and increased sales! Increase the chances of getting noticed! Our PPC experts craft out the best optimum campaigns designed exclusive for your market! A successful PPC strategies portfolio enables you to get clicked! Give us the opportunity to plan a profitable PPC campaign for you. Our experts promise to meet your specific business needs and requirements.

Our PPC expertise involves:

  • Comprehensive research on the target market
  • Comprehensive research on the keyword and key phrases
  • Comprehensive competitor analysis
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Budget Fixation
  • Ad Copy creation
  • Profitable campaign creation
  • Regular monitoring and campaign analysis
  • Campaigns customization.

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Determining the efficiency of our PPC click management expertise:

Much in line with the psychological traits of the visitors on the website, playing with the key online behaviours of the visitors, it has been observed that the probability of the coming online and clicking on the specified advertisements, there has been much flow of the visitors on the advertisements which are paid, then any other form of the internet advertising.

We understand your market, our expert PPC solution has its main streamlines on the following parameters:

  • A dedicated search engine boost, catering to the needs of the genuine searches with an upgradation in the revenue scales.
  • A well targeted advertising channel with the main focus on the revenue generating modes, with much dependency on the advertisers.
  • Increasing the possibility of visitors to come online and click on the links which they find more relevant. Encouraging them to click.
  • The transparency much enhanced by the straight rule that the website owners pay only when their ads are being clicked.

Tapping on the Right Keyword Focus:

Targeting right visitors, by enabling the essential keywords which creates the foundation for the success of your website, a detailed focus on the keywords, with website, has enabled a good result. A good & effective keyword is all what is required to create the difference. Rope media's experts ensure the delivery of the extensive keyword research & analysis, for your niche and relying on the customers to be targeted. At Rope media, once the campaign is launched, a regular analysis of the performance & the efficiency to monitor how they manage to bring more traffic to the site. A visible experience in the ROI is observed.