“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic” – Jeff Eisenberg

Digital Marketing in Gurgaon

Digital Marketing in Gurgaon

Competition is referred as a term without which the market seems boring. At present, after the outbreak of reasonably priced smartphones and introduction of low rate 3g internet plans, the online business has come into existence. A large percentage of buyers are dependent on the internet for shopping and carrying day to day business activities. As a result, the war between the companies to divert maximum traffic to their website has begun. Google the one widely admired search engine brought several considerations for online business owners to bring the negative strategy of business come to halt. Amongst the launch of SEO tools, the Google Panda update played an important role in managing ethical practices for online marketing. In addition, the Social Media advertising was highly affected by the implementation of Google updates.

Digital Marketing in Gurgaon

Launched in February 2011, Google Panda aimed to lower the rank of low quality sites and bring back the high quality sites into action. According to Google Panda update the company owners were to utilize SEO tools for following apt content marketing strategy, SMO and SEO plans for higher ranking of their website. Whereas, the sites using duplicate content and black hat SEO techniques suffered a heavy loss in business. Currently, Google has launched other genuine update as Google Penguin that focuses on quality content, use of alternative keywords and breaking the habit of link building.

Digital Marketing Gurgaon

On the other hand, today social media is acting as a catalyst for online business to promote their products and services. Namely, essentials of digital marketing such as PPC, affiliate marketing and video monetization are acting as modern SEO tools for overall online branding. The new age of SEO is based on the rules and regulations laid by Google, it’s better to be smart and follow the Google updates, SEO tools and ethical social media strategies for creating wonders in the online marketing.

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