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Pop-Up Ads! The New Tool For Pay Per Call Campaign

Surfing on the internet is enjoyable only till it’s safe, secure and error free. Hindering the pleasure of browsing the favorite websites are pop-up ads that make the user feel complexed. Usually, the pop-ups are online advertisements used for marketing brands. As the user clicks an online advt he’s redirected…

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Introduction to Remarketing Tools for Pay Per Call Industry

PayPerCall has revolutionized the digital marketing era. Increasing the sales was never easy without the PPC. By utilizing the positive inputs of PPC campaign the advertisers are enjoying benefits of higher ROI. The remarketing tools for pay per call industry have introduced new possibilities to never miss any lead. With…

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Big Debate – SEO Vs PayPerCall

Technologists are thinking and thinking! Which is best? The SEO or PayPerCall technique of digital marketing! Debates have crossed the limit of volunteers speaking for and against of PPC and SEO. For several marketers the SEO strategy has given birth to new business opportunities by increasing website traffic. While with…

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Brief About The Pay Per Call Service

In technical terms, Pay Per Call is a button added to the website that’s linked to customized pay per call service or minute web application. This automated feature connects the caller to customer care executive, who assist the clients in the process of purchasing, payment and additional services. Here revenue…

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How PayPerCall Campaign Benefits to Increase Profit?

Have you ever noticed, what customers answer when asked – From where did they found details about your company? Well, the answer will include generic modes of communication as internet, friend, newspaper, magazine, external source, display ads, banners and other. Among the answers received, a majority of people will refer…

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