Frequently Asked Questions about the Rope Media

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have many unanswered questions about our services? We have launched a collection of question and their answers in an effort to provide as much information as possible to our established and potential affiliates. In case you have other questions not handled here, do not hesitate to contact us.

Q.Who is an advertiser?

An advertiser is the merchant dealing with products and services that one seeks to sell in the online market. The advertisers come up with the campaign proposal then we forward it to the affiliates depending on the identified ideal promotional tools. These tools include the email marketing, social media platforms, websites and top search engines. This creates the awareness of the existence of the brands that the advertisers have to offer to the target customers.

Q.Who are the affiliates?

Affiliates are the approved publishers on whose online advertisement tool the ads are placed to promote a product or services. In this case we partner with the publishers of the newsletters, search engine marketers and websites with high traffic.

Q.Who are charged with responsibility of performing marketing?

Performance marketing is the responsibility of all the experts in the Rope Media as well as the corporations and the fortune 1000 members. Success of each campaign is the focus of everybody in the company.

Q.What promotion creative services do I need?

The creative services that you need depend on the promotional tools that you are to use. Our team of experts will guide you through once you have signed up with us. However, you can make use of banners, landing pages, promotional emails, a list of keywords and forms for CPA space. Once you have come up with the proposal, our team gives suggestions on improving the quality if required.

Q.What is the cost?

The operations at Rope Media are based on performance marketing; hence payments are only done when the client receives the targeted action based on sales or leads. Therefore, we do not expect our clients to pay monthly or upfront fees for the services to be delivered. We work round the commissions through which we nominate the affiliates depending on the quality of their services and the end results. When a conversation occurs, the payment is made to the company.

Q.What is the carrying capacity?

Our network accounts for about 1 million of conversations that are paid within a time frame of one month. This is within seventeen verticals that are approved.

Q.What are the gains of signing up with Rope Media?

Rope media is the gateway to numerous affiliates who play an active role in promoting the brands you are trading in the market. In addition, the company works towards reducing the risks of fraud when operating in the online market. It is a major commitment of the company to ensure high quality of the branding and the ads that are sent to the affiliates for the benefits of the clients.

Q.What are the advantages of entrusting my adverts to Rope Media?

Though you do not have to entrust all your CPA promotions in to our company, working with us gives you an edge in the market compared to your competitors. We work towards improving the quality of your promotions hence optimizing your site, make your brands known to a multitude of web visitors and increase your sales at an affordable cost. We also enhance your relationship with the affiliates hence creating links that optimize your business. In this way, we give you the access to the best promotional tools in the online market today.

Q.How long does it take to stop an advert with Rope Media?

At Rope Media, we respect the decisions of our clients. In order to stop the advert from running, you need to notify your account executive about your wish and the campaign is stopped from running within three working days.

Q.How is the teamwork between Rope Media, advertisers and affiliates?

Rope Media has a reliable property platform for marketing through which the company connects with the affiliates and the advertisers. When the advertisers come up with the ads we work with them to perfect the idea. Further the ads are posted to the sites of the affiliates where they are made available to the web visitors. Though we make adjustments to the ads provided to meet the required standards, the wish of the client takes precedence in the process. We also carry out the monitoring and tracking of the bills in order to make the advertisement affordable for the clients. We also enhance the relationship and good links between our clients and the affiliates. For more information, kindly contact us.

Q.How does the tracking system of Rope Media work?

Rope Media tracking system works by the help of the pixel that should be fixed on the conversation page of the client’s website. The company then assesses the pixel to ensure that it is functioning well way before your advert is run. Our tracking platform is accessible to our affiliates and the clients in order to make a follow up on the performance of the promotions. Our technical team also assists in the implementation of the tracking script of server to server.

Q.How does CPA marketing operate?

At Rope Media the CPA model whose cost is based on each campaign action. Our promotions are based on performance marketing with payment being done on each action taken such as the sales, downloads and the calls for action done. To create fairness among the affiliates, the commissions are provided for every sale that is generated from the promotion campaigns done.

Q.How do you choose the affiliates?

Rope Media targets the top performing and approved affiliates who can deliver effective and quality promotion services to the clients. In this case, we have an affiliate screening process that is strict hence choosing the top publishers who are approved. We also check the history of performance of all the affiliates that we choose to work with and verify whether they are authentic before engaging them. We do not go for numbers of the affiliates but quality.

Q.How do I make my campaign get a quick start?

Rope Media House works towards making your campaign move fast in the market. All you need to do is to provide us with the proposal of your advert and information on how you wish it to be run, your target population and the niche market and we will do the rest for you. Also, we need to have the estimate budget for the campaign.

Q.How do I get started?

At Rope Media, we give personalized attention to each of our clients. This is because we understand that each business is unique and so are the adverts depending on the client’s desires. We have customer care department that handles all the queries from established and potential clients. It is advisable to read through the performance record of our company or contact us for more information and guidance. The best way to go is to sign up here and get started. It only takes a maximum of five working days to have one of our officials getting back to you assigning an accountant executive as well as a business development manager to work with you.

Q.Do you prevent fraud?

We are aware that fraud can occur when getting the leads. Therefore, we have in place a compliance team that ensures that the leads that you get are of desired quality. This is achieved though teamwork with the account executive of your company or business. We also make sure that the affiliate gives your advert as it is without making changes unless with your consent. In case of fraud, our team takes proactive action to handle the situation professionally.