Rope Media: Grow your revenue


Proprietary Platform at Rope Media

Rope Media with its ongoing successful operation keeps on offering you the tools as well as the assets that lead to attain greater income as the fruits of labors, while paying concern on the outcomes. The unique proprietary interface of this network has been set up accurately to enhance clients’ proposal choice and reporting.

Best features of Proprietary Platform in Rope Media:

Join interface highlights
  • Enable you to go over your promotions and statistics with fast access everyday
  • Allows you to download a number of creative’s at one time and easily establish tracking links and pixels
  • Make you gather and exact reports to every detail levels: Creative ID, Sub ID, etc.
  • Control our API to coordinate Rope Media’s statistics with the client’s tracking software
  • Do great traffic analysis for mobile Associates with Rope Media’s proprietary mobile analytic platform

Rope Media App (iOS)

Rope Media App allows affiliates to regulate promptly how campaigns are functioning in the online market. Thus, our clients’ income will surely become great. The statistics of the promotion can be sort out through name, gross, earnings in every click and finally, the percentage of conversion.

Web Services/ API

Rope Media’s platform is capable of directing and demonstrating the status reports, synchronization of proposals and choosing creative aspect in accordance to your tracking system.

Global Country Redirects

The international traffic of the promotions can be monetized as the international redirects on the offers made are specified.

Pixel Manager

Pixel Manager is a unique platform, which deal with the engagements for the entire campaigns, as well as the sites. It is capable of adding, editing and toggling several types of pixels.

Global Post back URL

When you make a conversion, you will receive HTTP request. This feature can be customized having template variables which enable you to attain site actively ID, Sub ID, or campaign ID.

Regions Manager

This feature of the platform groups the countries or regions since this is an effective means to track easily worldwide campaigns. You can make use of the countries inside a particular region tool.

Latest Offers in RSS feed

With latest offers in RSS feed you can view the latest bids even if you do not go to the site. For an update on the network feed, you just have to load and then bookmark the relevant link.