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What do Rope Media has to offer

Rope Media is guided by the core principles of integrity and quality in all the marketing operations. We are results oriented hence putting synergies together in order to give the best to our clients. Our company has a team of skilled Compliance and Quality Assurance staff whose primary role is to ensure that all marketing endeavors are carried out on behalf of our clients with ultimate professionalism. Our team comprises of individuals with vast experience in business management and marketing risks handling techniques that have made our CQA a reference for many players within the marketing field.

Here are the benefits reaped by our clients:

Team synergy The Compliance and Quality Assurance team has a commitment of building powerful team work with the managers from all affiliate businesses for advertisement strategies planning and execution for robust campaigns. In addition, the affiliate accounting chiefs are also involved to ensure that the budgets of each business entity are considered during the planning.

Close marketing monitoring At Rope Media, we have experienced marketing professionals who are charged with sole responsibility of monitoring the trends in the online market. In this case, the team maintains constant communication with the affiliates in order to advise on the ideal practices. In case of emerging risks of online fraud, legal issues or mal practices, they are proactive in averting the danger and handling the situation professionally.

Traffic audit We have in place modern monitoring mechanisms that make traffic auditing possible for all the affiliates. This is the responsibility of the Compliance and Quality Assurance team of experts who detects possible incidences of fraud and cubing them in time. We handle each business affiliated to our company as unique thus meeting the desires of each client while ensuring that the advertisement complies with the set standards in the market.

Handling fraud related issues We the Rope Media have noted with concern how fraudsters get smarter each day. This has increased the probability of fraud taking place in an online business within a certain period of time. This is why we have come up with mechanisms and qualified personnel to detect and handle such incidences ensuring the safety of the clients’ businesses. We have also dedicated enough resources to make this department functioning adequately as some of the issues might be complicated as the market is dynamic.