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Success Factors

Factors that lead to success

What makes it possible to have promotions that overcome the stiff completion in the market?

We the Rope Media have vast experience derived from partnership with numerous businesses. This has made it possible for us to take note of those important factors that leads to success hence the growth of business within a short span of time. Are you afraid that your company does not meet the required standards? Contact us or sign up with us for growth of your business.

Traits found in those who partners with us:

Vast experience

  • You have several successful promotional materials that are generating conversations in the online market.
  • Your company recruits a web designer with the skills on how to fix the pixel on your site, generate server calls as well as create optimization on the landing page.
  • You have a CPA marketing expenditure of $30,000 each month.
  • You have knowledge on how to monetize the traffic of CPA and possess a full understanding of the metrics of conversation.
  • You know the target population of your business with strategic plan on how to generate high traffic and quality in your business.
  • Your company is clear about the volume of promotions you want to run even if you have not had any conversions through the search engines.


The desire to have your company expanding locally and globally in the entire online market, achieved through partnership and willingness to exploit the existing opportunities. Presence of a clean credit history or readiness to operate with us on a $15,000 prepaid scheme.

Success factors for campaigns

  • You need to have a viable brand well presented in the promotion proposal.
  • A captivating offer well designed to communicate to the target population of online customers.
  • The advert has a potential to attract web visitors and create leads globally

The campaign that you design has the capacity to attract and motivate affiliates to run it vigorously in the market in order to increase high quality traffic.

Kindly note that the online market is saturated with stiff competition hence the affiliates have thousands of promotions from which they choose the best to run with the sole aim of building the ROI. We, the Rope Media are dedicated in improving the quality of your promotions and convincing the affiliates to run them on your behalf.

Rope Media is guided by the core values of transparency, reliability and quality in order to foster growth in businesses through running of promotions. We build the new and established partners to understand the trends in the market and motivate them to focus on opportunities for growth.

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