Without maps, the secret treasures of the world would have never been revealed. Columbus couldn’t have set voyage to travel the world and Ali Baba could never trace the hidden cave of gold. Similarly, your business is treasure for customers who want to reach to you as soon as possible to seek services. In today’s modest age, it’s essential to have a Google Map installed on your website so the customers can easily trace the right way to reach your company. Installing Google Map is as easy as making tea. The qualified developers just place a simplified code and indicate the transport connectivity to your organization.

googleMaps_transitoWhat exactly the Google Map does for you?

Google has introduced its hybrid feature to pin companies and infrastructures exact location in context of searchers. The pin location displays address along with key details such as street no, landmark, city, town, state, pin code and country. Some of the additional details added are as email address, contact number and building/office number. Website without a map can confuse in finding the exact path leading to the doors of the company.

Points to follow when placing Google map:

  • Ideal size: a ⅓ column width and a ⅔ column width
  • Placing map on contact us page
  • Read Maps API Tutorials & Developers Guide before customizing
  • Required text editor and web browser for creating Google Maps
  • Using original Maps HTML code
  • Inspection after installation & entering details to display

imagesOnce the Google Map is installed on your website, the customers can anytime visit and surprise you. Oh yes! Google Map makes it for your business. Easy to navigate map notifies which path conveniently justifies the address and allows to select an appropriate transport facility. So, if your website lacks a map. Just notify your website development team and get it done asap. Clients are finding the way to reach you.

Conclusion: Add google map to your website & help customers locate you. By installing map allows visitors find easy routes to reach your company. The Google map can be conveniently placed on the website with help of a proficient web developer.

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Monday, March 23rd, 2015 | Posted By:admin | Digital Marketing