Rope Media - Executives


Rama S Tripathy

Director of Compliance and Legal Affairs Appointed as Rope Media’s Director of Compliance and Legal Affairs in 2014. A self-driven lawyer who has amassed her great experience by representing world-class companies in corporate commercial transactions. Her prime mission is to see Rope Media achieving its obligations in the required timeframe and enabling legal environment. She’s the legal advisor of Rope Media, who negotiates and structures client transactions. Also, she’s responsible for guaranteeing compliance with all regulatory and laid-down industry standards.

John Krawczyk

Vice President of Mobile and Asia John Krawczyk is a technophile and above all an ICT specialist who brings to Rope Media more than 13 years of relevant global experience in fast-paced media, telecommunication, and Internet-based companies, across the world. He specialises in strategy and lead generation. He is the architect behind Rope Media’s Business development team that established fundamental partnerships in its recent penetration into international markets. He graduated in Computer Science from Harvard University and BBIT from the University of Colorado. During free time, he attends trade exhibitions across Africa and Asia passing on what he has learnt throughout his career life.


Vice President of (Network A), a veteran banker who joined Rope Media on board with his three decades of hands-on marketing and sales experience .He has managed different companies in the global world and guided them to immense success. Tiffany is currently the man in charge of the-day-to-day operations and activities of Rope Media’s distribution channels in all our regional branches. A success himself, Gerald promises great fortunes and great days ahead with Rope Media.


VP, Performance Media One of the most refined and experienced persons on the board. Global experience in online performance & Affiliate marketing. Graduated from the University of Victoria with Bachelor of Commerce as educational profile, He joined Rope Media in 2014 where he has served diligently and professionally in different capacities. Alexander’s KRAs have been providing both operational and strategic guidance that Rope Media relies on for sustained growth and prosperity. He’s one of the potential assets to Rope media’s clients and partners. Alexander makes it sure that Rope Media meets its benchmarks and other laid down industry standards , to stay at the par with its competitors. Unbeatable, understanding & a man of his principles. Alexander is known for his perfection with sublime standards of how Rope Media works. He’s constantly active in driving Rope media to new heights and horizons.