The Social media platform, one of the exciting and inventing platforms, has never been the same as ever before. With the infinite number of the companies venturing in the deep sea of the Digital Channels, giving all new bent to the Social media marketing to achieve their envisioned goals and the targets. With all the social media strategy and planning at place, the most crucial factor which matters is the followers which your entire campaign’s strategy has been able to reckon with. Many leading marketing companies have been acknowledging the strategy formulation for that social media campaign planning to built that fan followers for your business on the social media platforms or better say the channels. Without the followers all your social media planning and strategy has no impact. One may have all the social media accounts setup but without the followers, undoubtedly the complete strategy has no results. A successful social media campaign is the one which by leveraging the interactivity power of it is able to drive the more traffic, more engagements and lot more networking prospects. The spectacular planning of the Digital marketing campaigns which can give that dreamed followers to your social media campaign can be summarized as follows: A very important thing that is to be taken in account is that the social media companies which charge some commission or fee to enable the more followers have to be warned. It has been observed that the followers who get connected by this are more likely to be disinterested and end up with un-following the account afterwards. In the paid social media strategies to increase more followers, there has been less loyalty factor observed with the people who joined. To build that strengthened following, it usually takes much time. That loyal fan followers engaged for a long term is more crucial part for any social media strategy and planning in the long run.

  1. First toddlers step towards completion of your profile Is your profile contains all the essential information? It’s an essential and mandate factor to let people be aware about whom you are? Prior to setting an account on any social media website, one of the essential in any social media’s campaigning strategy & formulation is making people aware about you. Who you are? What you offer? In fact it has always been an excellent strategy for establishing a link between your website and the social media.  Getting a Logo lays the first foundation stone for any social media campaign. A Logo for your brand which speaks about your expertise is important. It has always worked wonders for the advertisers as well as the publishers to have a crisp and well targeted image among the audiences. An appropriate iconic image reflecting about your expertise is what it calls for! Let people recognize you more easily with a sense of attachment with it, hence following it.
  1. Customization of the Layout: The theme of your social media’s campaign’s page , the main colours, type of the fonts and the last and not the least the picture on the backdrop is essential to strengthen your social media’s strategy and the formulation. One can add banners on the top of a company’s profile or page.
  2. Tell about your location: It increases the chances of more followers, if they happen to belong to your same location. Just with the only reason that they belong to the same city, it increases the chance of the more fan following with more interest.
  3. SEO Keywords: With considering the right keywords, specifically the SEO which stands for the search engine optimization to the different social media websites, they helping many digital channels to rank among the top in the search engine portals. With the right back up of the keywords from the SEO-Content and the SEO-Setup, a website can have those optimum results from their social media campaign.
  4. Is the promotion of your profile effective? With a right strategic usage of the relevant icons while planning your Digital marketing campaign, a direct link up with the social media’s pages is achieved. Advertisers and the publishers,   rely a lot on the appealing images, better known as the social media icons to help their audience to link directly with the social media pages. The complete process of linking them and their testing before publishing is important. Social media strategists have to be careful with the right usage of the embedded icons, too much of them can act against the entire social media’s campaigning strategy formulation.
  5. Adding Social Sharing buttons: With including the social sharing buttons to the social media’s blog sections, a lot more impactful results can be achieved by the social media campaign planning. This one can rate as the basic of the whole strategy and the formulation for the social media campaign, but there lies a huge scope for advertisers and the publishers’ to use the social buttons in the creative ways. Embedding the social buttons in the reports in the PDF versions is another important strategy. Effective email marketing with essential social buttons is another big helping strategy for the social media experts.
  6. Make your Content Outreach as your big standpoint: A social media strategy and planning with essential Content Outreach inclusive of the essential content creation and the content marketing is another gold mine for the advertisers and the publishers.
  7. Follow the right people: One of the big crimes which have been done by even the main social media strategists in making a successful social media campaign is not following the right people, with a wrong strategy,   It has always been beneficial and proven to be a right strategy for the social media practitioners to follow the right set of the people on the social media channels.
  8. Does your conversation make a point? Knowingly social media has been a twofold story, the challenge of engaging the online traffic in some kind of conversations is one of the best ways to get the much strategized attention to brand. Social media one of the efficient channels among the efficient digital channels can be better be harnessed with creating the conversation with a proper content outreach.
  9. Customization the saviour: A well customised facebook page always works wonders. Many advertisers and the publishers have been following the art of getting their particular social media channel customised with their accordance of the Digital strategy and planning.
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Monday, February 2nd, 2015 | Posted By:admin | Social Media