With the outbreak of the Social media landscape & the emergence of the new horizons of opportunities for the market centric companies specifically which involves Online digital marketing companies, Digital media marketing companies & specifically Digital advertising agencies have specifically & magnificently become more proactive & opportunistic in this whole arena of social media’s inbuilt paradigms . In earlier times, the way of approaching the target market had been completely different. Going back to the year 1993, when the spark of this big revolution was generated, when people began to be all-social. Since its inception, in the beginning phase the culture of blogging did not go all viral. Kudos to the new internet development & broadband outrage.. People have just got stuck to this new lingo of sharing called Blogging. The Blog Lingo.. New Generation love to write read & share their perceptions, critics about just everything. What they like to do? Where they want to go? When they are planning? They write & love to share through blogging. People from every age sphere…to every sector of society. The Inception: Marking its launch back in the nineties. Before blogging went viral. Digitization unfolded itself in different forms Usenet, Genie etc. Internet forums software such as WebEx, which created conversations via threads. Threads stood for topical connections between messages on a metaphorical “corkboard”. Some have likened blogging to the Mass-Observation project of the mid-20th century. Usenet was the primary serial medium included in the original definition of the Internet. It featured the moderated newsgroup which allowed all posting in a newsgroup to be under the control of an individual or small group. The Present scenario: Barking moon bat. The situation have become exactly for the blogging like a barking moon bat. Where this revolution in sharing the one’s thought process with people all socially. Chats & different portals started getting flooded with the blogger’s sections & without any big intervening disturbing anti write ups, the league started off with big promises & prospects. Unfolding new avenue for the future, smashing the Dead-Tree media Thoughts, perceptions, preferences, opinions all got social. Swiping away the old orthodox mode of media which constituted of the papers, magazines & journals, Blogging took the toll on these media. Rather than telling in person to others, people started blogging. Which in a way became further more and more personal to people. The blog was independently invented way back in 1997. He started off with the online journaling platform, which was termed an “e-journal”, and was supported by ASP language, with an ODBC Access db layer on the back end. Ring’s project was later cancelled, but was fortunately rewritten in PHP in 2006 but didn’t become popular amid the overwhelming flood of other CMS systems becoming available, including Word Press. Internet marketing solutions had their own bent of thought process. It was a beginning of a life time affair for the Digital advertising agencies. Caused the smashing away of all the paper media, which was all out and gone. People have started to socialise via sharing their thoughts & ideas via blogging. digital marketing1Beyond the central distinguishing characteristic of being published in date order, there is little else that unifies the enormously diverse world of blogs. Describing the range of topics addressed by blogs presents a task similar in scale to that of naming and describing all the species. Nonetheless, there are some broad classes of characteristics that may be used to describe the constituents of the “blogosphere. digital marketing People from all the corners of the world, from different generations, got all the reason to blog.. With the blogging went all viral with the internet scattered and all in the reach of the common people, everyone wants to share what they feel, what they experienced. Going all micro & macro: the two-way action was instilled. The two main forms of the blogging which constitutes of the macro blogging & the micro blogging became the top priority for the Advertisers, Publishers Digital Media Agency & SEO Services. Micro blogging, which stands for a way to inculcate broadcast medium in blogging. It differs from the stereotypical blogs in that its contents are comparatively smaller in the actual & aggregated size. The main forerunners in the market which have been doing great in the blogging era have been twitter, LinkedIn etc. Digital Marketing companies & the blogging The never-ending Love affair: Once the plethora of blogging, the micro & the macro blogging, the companies shave taken full responsibility & has taken off well with all their strategies & expertise intact. The opportunity is infinite & the future beholds with itself the numerous gateways to be opened.. Blogging which is the all new sophisticated way of advertising & spreading the word of mouth , has all the leading companies all set with their marketing launch strategies intact.. With the advent of the search engine optimization, the whole harmony of the digital marketing companies with the plethora of blogging is all evolving & rediscovering itself to the eternity of new horizons of success & highflying colours. The new turn in the digital plethora has opened new gateways. The new portfolio of the strategies for the bidding digital marketing companies in the era of the blogging defined & concluded as: Embracing the latest integrated digital strategies and technologies Advancing the industry through education — speaking, blogging, and teaching Driving game- changing results for their clients and organizations. Evolution of the theme for the blogging: With the outrage of the blogging as a viral habit among the bidding writers & the people who just wants to socialise just the sophisticated way. The themes for the blogs have also been evolved through out with the time. Right from the brands, personalities & the issues in the society. In the future Social SEO & blogging would be dominating your niche market.

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